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We help people use data to discover actionable insight

Partnering with you to ensure your analytics success by offering expert consulting, helping you recruit talent, and building analytics solutions.


  • Discover what's wrong or right

  • Find the "Golden Nuggets" with visual analysis

  • Predict Outcomes


  • Efficiency Gains

  • Increased profitability

  • Fast Implementation

  • Help find the right people


  • Acquire Talent

  • End to end solutions

  • Better predictions for future results


  • New data use cases

  • Gain a competitive advantage

  • Unlock new revenue streams

Don't be a statistic!

70% of all analytics projects fail (Gartner)

You may be experiencing some of this today:

  • Not solving the right problem

  • Not trusting the data

  • Not having the right talent

  • Embracing the status quo and missing out on innovation and opportunities

  • Not gaining efficiencies or business value

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Versalytix is a global trusted analytics enabler. 

We provide industry leading consultants, help recruit the right people for your team, and build solutions that drive action.

Analytics Consulting

We provide leading expertise on the entire stack, including: 

  • Visual analysis

  • data warehousing and performance

  • data transformation

  • advanced analytics

Analytics Talent

•Algorithm based matching of talent to organizations analytics maturity

•Alignment of skills to strategy

•Global network

•Unique community with placed talent for continued learning and help

Analytics Solutions

We build end to end analytics solutions as a Service, enabling you to quickly leverage the data created from:

  • Computer Vision

  • Audio NLP

  • IoT

  • Text Analytics


We also build software to aid large scale deployments of embedded analytics.

We have a defined methodology to ensure analytical success.  This methodology is what we refer to our "Analytical Pillars of Success."  We will share these methods and anchor all of our consulting and ours solutions to them.  


1. Discover the Ground Truth

We work with you to understand the real problems and value propositions tied to real use cases.

A speeding clock

2. Deliver in Days and Weeks

Whether it’s consulting, finding the right talent, or helping deploy solutions, we help you discover success quickly.

Our hosted analytics solutions can be deployed in minutes.


3. Dream Bigger

Beyond today, our experience and vision helps you to innovate, making the impossible possible.

Together, we can bring your data to life.

At Versalytix we know that you want to make the most out of your data.  To do that, you need real innovation to deliver better solutions. “Status quo” often sticks people in place due to complexity and ambiguity, along with difficulties in trusting the data or introducing new analytics capabilities. Change is hard, uncomfortable, and your competitors are charging forward.  


We imagine a world where companies can make full use of their data. From inputs to ingestion, to shaping and analysis, to visual display and interaction, to the people and culture, your data is a superpower. Beyond line of sight, analytics can detect broadscale patterns and expose new futures. We are leaders who have lived it: analysts and data scientists ourselves creating a company of, by, and for those working with data. It’s why we have created the “Analytics Pillars of Success” to help bridge the gap.


Together, we can bring your data to life. Beyond the now, we can explore where you want to go and how your data can provide landmarks on your journey. Trust is our compass. Innovation is our experience and vision is our landscape. 


So, schedule a call.  We are happy to discuss ways we can help.

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