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Know what is happening with your machines and sensors

Leveraging powerful IoT devices and analytics, people can ensure that critical manufacturing, heating/cooling, and tracking can be relied upon. 

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Using IoT devices at the edge or cloud, machines and power panels can be analyzed with virtually no setup.  Anomaly detection and advanced analytics provide insight to machines and their status, and asset tracking/temperature. 

Better together

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Versalytix provides a defined and proven database schema, data integration with operational data sources, predictions and  starter visual analysis to ensure fast adoption and quick ROI.
Senzary is an Industrial IoT service provider focused on end-to-end, pre-integrated solutions for everyday problems in industrial environments.  Senzary's IoTLogIQ platform provides on-deman, real-time, cloud-based data processing, including on device machine learning (ML).  
  • Anomaly Detection

  • Asset Tracking

  • Temperature Measurement

  • Asset Location

  • Energy Management

  • Predictive Maintenance

  • Commercial Building Management

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