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Embed analytics to better collaborate with key vendors or customers

Sending data via EDI, email, or PDF is tired.  Organizations are sharing key insights, instantly, through embedded analytics.

Embedded Dashboard Example

Embedded analytics is game-changing for organizations that are sharing data with vendors or key customers.  Key web applications can sell embedded analytics as a key value add to differentiate their product offering.  

Better together

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Versalytix provides world-leading expertise in visual design, functional aesthetics of dashboards, security, performance engineering, and deployment automation for leading data visualization tools including Sigma, Tableau, and ThoughtSpot.  
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  • Companies are changing from sharing data to sharing insight

  • Work with real-time data versus static

  • Replace legacy EDI, email and report sharing

  • Easily scale from 1 to millions of users

  • Provide better analytics that is more cost-effective versus building with your own dev team

  • End users have a better experience

  • Can be branded to be a seamless part of your web application

  • Monetize your data

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