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Hear what you've been missing

Leveraging the combination of audio with natural language processing (NLP) and analytics, any audio or customer conversation is a potential use case.  


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Using audio NLP and analytics, understand 100% of what your customer is saying.  Gain instant insight to the voice of your customers over millions of minutes of recorded audio.  Start with sentiment and quickly leverage over 50 KPIs to help you understand the customer's experience. 

Better together

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Versalytix provides a defined and proven database schema, data integration, predictions and  starter workbooks to ensure fast adoption and insight from the true voice of the customer. 
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VoiceBase, a LivePerson company, is a leading processor of natural language for audio.   

Use Cases

  • Call center analytics

  • Customer Experience

  • Helpdesk and customer support

  • Podcasts

  • Market & Consumer Research

  • Sales Optimization

  • PCI & Compliance

VoiceBase: JSON Shouldn't Remind You of Friday the 13th

Bridget Cogley - CVO, Versalytix & Tableau Visionary Hall of Famer (former Zen master program)

How do you integrate non-relational data with your traditional data warehouse? As enterprises incorporate more diverse data, many organizations are struggling to relate to JSON and other unstructured sources. How do you bring it all together for maximum impact? This session reviews a real case study featuring speech analytics to understand the voice of the customer. You will learn technical strategies for understanding your data environment, bridging the gap between JSON and relational data, and see how modern databases like Snowflake can support building schemas that work with relational models. We will also provide practical examples on how to build dashboards on these complex sources highlighting how sets and set actions can unlock hidden insights. PG13: Mature understanding of JSON and relational databases advised.

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