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Leveraging the combination of  computer vision and analytics, anything you can see is a potential use case.  

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Using computer vision and analytics, understand the customer experience for each daypart at your drive-thru, curbside to go, and kitchen production control - for all of your restaurants.

Better together

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Versalytix provides a defined and proven database schema, data integration, predictions and  starter visual analysis. Ensure fast adoption and quick insight of new data created by computer vision.
Vistry.AI is a leading AI based computer vision and vision training  platform. 
  • Drive Thru Efficiency

  • Kitchen Automation & Production Control

  • Reducing Food Waste

  • Increasing Food Quality

  • Improving Service

  • Customer Store Pathing

  • Drive Thru Abandonments

  • Retail Walk Outs

  • Inventory Management

  • Manufacturing Excellence

  • Manufacturing QA

  • Employee Safety

  • Employee Compliance

Computer Vision Analytics, AI, and Automation: The Secret Ingredients for the Intelligent Restaurant

Bridget Cogley - CVO, Versalytix

Atif Kureishy - CEO, Vistry.AI

For restaurants, finding the right data to activate is tricky. However, once that data is identified, it comes with an abundant opportunity to optimize, cut waste and costs, and find your quick-service restaurant's secret sauce to long-term success. In this episode, Vistry.AI will discuss how leading QSRs are using computer vision and IoT analytics to optimize the kitchen and overcome labor shortages.

View the presentation that was the talk of Tableau Conference 2021.  

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