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About Us

We believe analytics success can transform companies.

As analytics leaders who have lived in the trenches, we've seen the difference a successful analytics paradigm can make. It's not about the programs or the technology - people and process eat tools for breakfast daily.

Real change comes from investing in analytics as a vessel to success. It draws insight from the data, ensuring people throughout the organization are empowered to ask data-informed questions directly without waiting weeks or months for an answer. It ensures those answers are timely, trustworthy, and ubiquitous in the organization.

We're Versalytix and we help people turn insight into action.

Our Story

We believe every organization can achieve success in analytics. You don't have to do it alone.

The seeds of Versalytix started years ago in the trenches as we - founders steeped in analytics - ran teams and transformed companies. Our CEO, Jeff Huckaby and CTO, Papa Diaw worked together several times, each time creating monumental impact on the organization. Jeff and Chief Visualization Officer (CVO), Bridget Cogley also worked together bringing innovative solutions to speech analytics. 

Together, our three founders hope to bring the wins they realized before to everyone. We’ve sold software, built it, and supported it. We’re here to help you move beyond the struggle to success.

Meet The Team

Our Clients

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