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5 Tips for a Remote Tableau Conference

Are you attending Tableau Conference this year? Here's how to get the most of the event without ever leaving your couch.

Save the (Brain)Date

Want to capture that live experience of networking? Visit the BrainDates portion and get chatting. You can select 1-on-1 meetings, join a group of 5, or make your own. BrainDates are a great way to meet people, discuss topics, and find people to add to your network.

Schedule a Doctor Visit

Tableau Doctor is a great way to get expert treatment on your dashboards, workflows, or server problems. Book an appointment with a Tableau Zen Master or a Tableau Dev to troubleshoot any issue you're having.

Get Social

Stream in style by sharing what you learn on social channels. Twitter #datafam makes a great way to connect. Work Slack spaces can be a great way to chat with coworkers and even create watch parties. Some video tools like and Remo let you stream while sharing tables.

Binge on all the episodes

If this TCish is anything like last year's, expect multiple tracks over numerous topics. Got a big screen or a projector? Try webcasting the conference and making it a family affair. #DataKids can benefit and you can take a break from the headphones. You can also try taking to go for a walk outside.

Catch the replay

Did you miss a session while watching another or getting social? Most sessions are recorded and available after the fact. Check the agenda for repeats as well.

Don't forget your favorite data shirt!

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