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Caliper and Versalytix Announce Strategic Partnership

Seattle, June 5, 2024 –Caliper, a leader in cloud and usage-based software spend optimization, and Versalytix, an industry leader in analytics - including analytics consulting, talent acquisition services, and analytics solutions as a service, are excited to announce their strategic partnership beginning immediately. 

Innovative Analytics Solutions

Caliper is a pioneer in cloud spend management and optimization, helping businesses shed light on and navigate the complexities of cloud expenses with precision and transparency. By detecting anomalies in spend at breakneck speeds, Caliper’s advanced analytics and cost optimization strategies maximize the ROI of cloud investments for organizations of all sizes, from startups to enterprises.

Versalytix analytics solutions as a service provide a defined and proven database schema, data integration, predictions, starter visual analysis, and large language model integrations for a company’s dark data (data companies have but are not leveraging correctly) including audio and natural language processing, video and computer vision, industrial IoT devices, and text analytics. Their solutions can be deployed in minutes. 

Enabling Cost-Efficient Analytic Solutions

"Our partnership enables the deployment of cost-efficient analytic solutions for our joint customers," said Damon Fletcher, CEO and Co-Founder of Caliper’s software development company, Millworks Analytics, Inc. "By partnering with Versalytix, we are combining deep expertise in analytics with the leading cost visibility detection platform for cloud and usage-based software. Our customers will start saving money immediately."

Jeff Huckaby, Co-Founder of Versalytix, stated, "This alliance will enable customers to use their data to discover actionable insights cost-efficiently, leveraging Caliper's innovative approach to cloud spend optimization. With many of our solutions being used by our customers as a data monetization strategy, Caliper takes the guesswork out of the costs of operating these new capabilities—helping Versalytix and our customers be more profitable.”

About Caliper

Caliper is a leading provider of cloud spend management solutions. Focusing on transparency, accountability, and optimization, Caliper creates a common language to help businesses maximize their cloud investments through innovative technology. Their anomaly-detecting heat maps can now be shared across entire organizations, enabling rapid cloud spend optimization for tools like Snowflake, AWS, GCP or Datadog.

About Versalytix

Versalytix, Inc. offers a broad range of services, from expert consulting, helping to find and recruit top analytics talent, and providing turnkey enterprise-grade analytics solutions that quickly leverage the data created from computer vision, speech NLP, industrial IoT, and text analytics. 

For More Information

To learn more about this partnership and how it can benefit your organization, please visit and

Together, Caliper and Versalytix are disrupting the analytics industry.

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