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You need voice analytics
let us prove it to you for free!

In only 2 minutes and 33 seconds, you'll learn how voice and conversational analytics is transformational.  After you watch the video, scroll down for our free offer. 

​With our VersaVoice audio NLP analytics solution - you receive:

  • Instant insight across 100% of your customer's voice.

  • We can deploy it for you in hours.

  • Instant modern voice analytics - giving you an advantage over your peers with legacy systems.

  • Data Categorization and Custom Vocabulary that is specific to your industry and company.

  • We use secure large language models to summarize calls and coach your agents or sales teams.

  • Constant innovation: Our platform adds at least two new features a year for free.

  • Use our white-label version for data monetization opportunities.

An excited female customer with data and money raining down on them..jpg

Free 2 week proof of value

Here’s how the simple process will work:

  1. You can sign our NDA or we’ll quickly sign yours.

  2. We’re happy to meet with your IT security team for a security review to provide confidence that your data is secure. Security was baked into the product from day one. And your trust is mandatory. 

  3. You provide a week’s worth of your stereo call recordings and metadata (You can send the files to our API, our S3 bucket, DropBox, Google Drive, or some other method; we’ll make it easy for you).

  4. Within 24 hours, we’ll securely process your stereo audio, process transcripts, and large language model summaries of your calls. We will schedule a meeting for you to get hands-on access to your voice analytics data using a data visualization tool. You’ll get two weeks to browse, learn, ask interactive questions, and see and hear customer concerns. You’ll start getting concrete ideas to change your business during this time. 

  5. If you like what you see, we’ll keep it turned on, we charge pennies a minute, or if you are not satisfied, we’ll delete all of the data, and send a confirmation email that has been completed.

Our Clients Say

Chase.JPG desired to build a world-class embedded analytics platform to level the playing field for brands of all shapes and sizes in relation to some of the largest retailers out there.  The platform is called “Unified Analytics” and it provides enterprise grade prescriptive analytics, artificial intelligence, and automation to brands… previously afforded to only those with massive R&D budgets.  This differentiated new SaaS offering required an embedded analytics architecture that could achieve hyper growth and scale given data products and data enablement are core pillars of’s strategy.

Versalytix exudes a perfect blend of a trusted partner, industry and domain expertise, and hands-on execution. They have been great about preventing scope creep and staying on track.  Last but not least, Versalytix is not afraid to voice concerns in order to ensure we build things the right way.  Exactly what you want from a trusted partner. 

Versalytix is an extension of our team, and we appreciate each team member’s value to our organization.

Working with Versalytix has been great and I will continue to partner with Versalytix on strategic projects and happily recommend them for data and analytics engagements.

Chase Zieman

Chief Data Science Officer

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